Signed Guitar

 July 8th - 11th, 2021

The purpose of this retreat is for you to have a safe space to connect with yourself, your power, your voices, and your feminine energy through a series of different tools that will be offered to you, as well as connecting with one another, in an all-women group setting. 

Throughout the weekend, I will facilitate The Workshop (connecting with your Voices through a series of practices - you can check the end of this email for more information) and photographer Carol Monteiro will produce an Artistic Nude Photography Session, using photography as a Therapeutic Art Form

You can expect a weekend full of music, artistic photos, yoga, new moon rituals, connecting to nature and much more... 

The property is 150 vast expanse acres of forest, laced with streams, paths, creeks and protected wetlands. Our lodging is a big beautiful log cabin and glamping style bell tents that overlook the forest and beaver pond, roughly 2 hours northwest of NYC, near the iconic land of Woodstock. 

You are invited to join on Thursday, July 8th, from 6-8pm, through Sunday, July 11th, at 12pm.  

The cost for this women’s retreat is listed below and is inclusive of:

- 4 days, 3 nights accommodation 

- All meals, snacks and beverages 

- The Workshop, by Sofia Kriger

- Artistic Nude Photography Session

 (group and/or individual), by Carol Monteiro

- Daily programming and activities


Double Shared Tent 


$500 per person 

For individuals who don't mind sharing with one other person, or a pair of friends who want a private tent

Single Shared 

$550 per person

For individuals who don’t mind sharing spaces and making new friends 

Double Shared 

$650 per person 

For individuals who don't mind sharing with one other person, or a pair of friends who want a private room

Private Tent 

$1000 total 

For individuals, couples or a pair of friends who want a private tent and don’t mind sharing the same bed 

Private room (queen)

$1100 total (550 per person)

For individuals, couples or a pair of friends who want a private room and don’t mind sharing the same bed. 

Would you like to join us? 

  • RSVP here with a room selection, and once I confirm availability, you can send full payment via venmo to @Sofia-Kriger or zelle to sofiakrigermusic@gmail.com. If this cost is prohibitive for you, please reach out to discuss other possibilities. 

You can learn more about The Workshop, by Sofia, below:

The Workshop, by Sofia Kriger

What is “voice”? In technical terms, our Outer Voice is the sound produced by the vibration of the vocal cords as a result of air passing through them from the lungs, during exhalation. But did you know that our Outer Voice is also deeply connected to our emotions? Our Outer Voice is  influenced by our: physical coordination, mental concepts, temperament, and psychological attitudes

We also possess our Inner Voices - the heart, mind, body voices, and they are all connected and complement each other.  We often don’t give enough attention to, or even ignore, our Inner Voices, resulting in repressed emotions and, consequently, stagnation. 

As women, we have often been discouraged from expressing our Inner Voices openly through our Outer Voice, told to be quiet and behave from a young age. Instead of listening to our Inner Voices and expressing honestly with our Outer Voice, we often give excessive attention to our Mind-voice, further creating stagnation, energetic blockages and imbalance. 

When we are not connected to our Inner Voices, it becomes much harder to create awareness about what we are expressing through our Outer Voice, or sometimes we can’t even honestly and fully express it. 

In this workshop, we’ll use a combination of frameworks, meditations, and embodiment practices to help you reconnect with your Voices and emotions, and to externalize them in healthy manners.

In this workshop, you will: 

  • Have a strong and safe container for you to get in touch with your Inner Voices, to develop, and externalize them

  • Be free to express your vulnerability and to experience what it is like to work with, activate and develop the power of your Inner and Outer Voices

  • Be invited to actively listen to and develop your Inner and Outer Voices

  • Have the opportunity to Accept, Express, and Develop a healthy relationship to the full range of your emotions

  • Have the time and space to connect with, and embrace, your feminine energy and power

  • Be encouraged to externalize your emotions through vocal expression – singing, shouting, sighing, noises – and through body movement

It’s important to remember, though, that this is a process and each person is different... There is no pressure to achieve anything in particular during the workshop, each person has their own journey to go through. More than taking specific actions, what is important is letting yourself surrender into the process. Maybe you will develop your relationship with your voices in hours, in days, or even years, but what really matters here is: enjoying the process of activating, exploring, embracing and embodying your voices, moving your body, feeling sensations, observing your thoughts without judgment, and surrendering: letting your instincts guide you through the process. That is why you will be invited to nurture your feminine energy - which is an energy of receiving, moving, softess, and intuition - as a tool to observe and reconnect with your Voices. 

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join me in this beautiful journey of self-connection, acceptance, unrestrained expression, love, trust, honesty, and surrender


Sofia Kriger is a holistic artist, singer, sound creator and improviser. She was born and raised in Brazil and she is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Sofia’s passion for singing started when she was 4 years old. She started piano lessons when she was 5, and classical voice training when she was 9. She has a degree in Jazz Voice from the New England Conservatory, and her music embraces a variety of styles and sounds. 

After overcoming a traumatic experience that affected her voice 4 years ago, Sofia made it her mission to help individuals connect with their voices and have a healthy relationship with their voices and emotions, so we can live in a more harmonious society, with more awareness of our feelings, our body, and the way we express ourselves. We often hold a lot of tension in our bodies, and voicework can be a very powerful and healing way to become aware of emotional tension and let it out. 

Two thoughtful ways that she found in order to do this work is through private voice sessions, using a holistic approach while exploring your voices, and The Workshop.

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