Sofia Kriger is a Brazilian singer, sound creator and improviser currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She has a degree in Jazz Studies from the New England Conservatory, but her music embraces a variety of styles and sounds. 

She has performed in several renowned venues including Jordan Hall, The Rosecliff Mansion, Guild Hall, The Boston Public Library, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts, The Lily Pad, Spirito Jazz and many othes. She has worked with prominent artists including Ran Blake, Jerry Bergonzi, John McNeil, Frank Carlberg, Jeanie LoVetri, Dominique Eade, Joe Morris, Dave Holland and John Lockwood. 

She made it her mission to help individuals connect with their voices and have a healthy relationship with their voices and emotions, so we can live in a more harmonious society, with more awareness of our feelings, our body, and the way we express ourselves. We often hold a lot of tension in our bodies, and voicework can be a very powerful and healing way to become aware of emotional tension and let it out. 

Two thoughtful ways that she found in order to do this work is through private voice sessions, using a holistic approach while exploring your voices, and The Workshop. 

In The Workshop, she uses a combination of frameworks, meditations, and embodiment practices to help you connect with your voices, becoming aware of them, activating them, embracing them, and externalizing them in healthy manners, while nurturing your feminine energy - which is an energy of receiving, moving, softess, and intuition - as a tool to guide you through this journey of journey of acceptance, unrestrained expression, love, trust, honesty, and surrender!